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Dan Brereton

Pat Broderick

James Chambers

John Estes

Fred Harper

Christopher Mills

Kirk Van Wormer

Shadow House # 1 cover art by Dan Brereton

Shadow House # 3 cover art by John Estes

Shadow House Press was founded in 1997 by James Chambers and Christopher Mills to publish the comic book series Shadow House.Each issue featured the ongoing creator-owned features "Nightmark" by Mills and artist Fred Harper and "The Revenant" by Chambers and artist Pat Broderick. The series ran for five issues.

Shadow House Press does not currently accept any submissions.

Acclaim for Shadow House:

"...I love what you guys are doing. Damn good comic making."
– Brian Michael Bendis, creator of Goldfish and Jinx, writer of Ultimate Spider-Man and Powers.

"The creators at Shadow House have crafted something powerfully compelling–a new sort of tale with enough familiar trappings to make readers feel comfortably at home...until something grabs you from out of the dark!"
– Barry Lyga, Diamond Previews

"Art and story lines are all first rate. I especially like "Nightmark…"
– William F. Nolan, creator of Logan's Run and the "Black Mask" mysteries

"After four issues the book has an atmosphere I really dig... It's twitchy. Unnerving."
– Kelley Jones, artist of Batman and The Crusades

"Nice package, mates. Cover to cover, you've got a real class act going here."
– CJ Henderson, creator of Teddy London and Jack Hagee, writer of Batman and The Punisher

"Shadow House…is a treat. Both stories are fresh and entertaining, and the art is gorgeous."
COMBO Magazine

"...the best black & white horror comics I've read and enjoyed since the glory days of Jim Warren's Eerie and Creepy horror titles."
– Trevor Von Eeden, artist of Legends of the Dark Knight

"If you're looking for a horror comic book that respects your imagination and intelligence, check out Shadow House. Get it before it gets you."
– Tony Isabella, writer of Hawkman and creator of Black Lightning

"It isn't often we get a comic project these days that has both a good yarn and terrific artwork. With Shadow House you guys really push the odds by giving two such treasures. Bravo."
– Ron Fortier, writer of Green Hornet and Terminator

"The covers are ultra cool, and the interior art and scripts are great, also."
– Sydney Williams, author of Blood Hunter and When Darkness Falls

"This is a Class A production all around."
– Darren Goodhart, co-creator of The Absolute and artist of Big Bang Comics


Shadow House © and ™ James Chambers and Christopher Mills. Illustration © Dan Brereton. The Revenant © and ™ James Chambers and Pat Broderick. Nightmark © and ™ Christopher Mills.